A moment captured is yours forever
...the rest is water under the bridge- hjd

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About HjDalley

hjd_profileSearching for those moments to capture is what I enjoy most about photography. Seeking that special composition, that unique point of view, and discovering the unexpected, add an additional layer of pleasure to a simple stroll, a hike or kayaking and travel.

I love the story of the photographer who was invited for dinner and encouraged to show some of his photographs. After the showing the host says, “Your photos are fantastic. You must have an excellent camera.” Later, on his way out, the photographer returns the compliment saying, “Thank you for the fantastic meal. You must have an excellent set of pots and pans.”

Having said that, I recognize that the equipment does play a role in the final outcome. Currently I use a Pentax K 3, 18-135mm zoom. Recent photos are shot in RAW and developed with Lightroom CC. I am continually striving to improve the final product.

Another hobby I enjoy is videography. Having grandchildren initiated this interest but I have also done some travel and just-for-fun videos as well. Some of these can be viewed here on Vimeo.

Designing and hosting websites for friends and not-for-profit organizations is another hobby of mine. Keeping up with latest trends in web design has become a challenge and I recently decided to make use of professionally designed templates in order to do so. Website design has advanced considerably since my first award winning, hand coded site for Haldane Elementary School back in 1996.

Contact HjDalley

I was born in Newfoundland in our family home on Wentzell’s Road. Story goes that I was named after the road just up from our house as this sign on the corner would indicate. However, I have lived in British Columbia most of my life and now reside in Kamloops. You can reach me here.